Annie Gardner 


Hey Mamas! My name is Anne (Annie) and I am mommy to Attica (5) and Ava (2). I’ve been married to my high school crush, Jacob, for 8 years. We are a Navy family so we have called many places home, but small-town Iowa was where it all began. I love reading, blogging, fishing, golf, football season, sunsets and sleeping in (HA!). I’m most comfortable in sweats and love a good pizza and beer or donut and coffee! I am filled with wanderlust and want to travel the world before retiring in the sun. I hope to teach our girls to be respectful and kind above everything, and that they are strong, smart, and fierce, and can do anything they put their minds to. I hope they never shy from adventure and yearn to experience diversity and appreciate the beauty found in all corners of this world. My roots in MOPS run deep, as I joined a group in San Diego when Attica was just a new, pink squaller, and then I helped launch a new group there before we moved to Bremerton. MOPS is like a life-preserver, it keeps my head above the deep swells of parenthood – each ‘me too!’ and ‘I know!’ keeps air in my lungs and calm in my soul. I love the safe, caring community and lifelong, genuine friendships. And a little break from my kids every now and again is good for the sanity!

Assistant Coordinator

Hope Doyle 


Hello! My name is Hope, I have a family of 4. My husband (Jeff), son Lucas (5), & daughter Adalyn (2). We also have a chocolate lab named Callie. Before I became mommy, you could find me rock climbing, hiking, running, scrap booking, wine tasting, and staying up way too late! Today, things look a little different... I spend my days loving my kiddos, drinking coffee, and sometimes hiding in the bathroom. It has taken me a while to find things for myself again, but thankfully I am finally on the right track. Summit Avenue has been my church since I was in my mommy's tummy. So this MOPS group is especially precious to me. Helping to start this incredibly beautiful ministry of moms, has been life changing in so many ways. I had no idea how badly I needed MOPS. MOPS is a place to empower, uplift, and celebrate moms! As moms we do not always feel truly valued, but we are so important! And at MOPS I feel that!

Finance & Registration 

Allison Triggs 

Hello! I’m Allison and I am a Bremerton native, momma to Sammy (1), and Avery (2) and I am married (4 years) to my best bud from junior high, Zach. I am a former financial assistant who loves sports (SEAHAWKS!), BBQing, and some good ole’ reality tv. My favorite stress reliever is leaf blowing pine needles out of my driveway, pulling weeds and watering my wee little garden. I was introduced to MOPS by my older sister who is a mom of triplets. She told me it was the best thing she ever did when she was staying home and convinced me to look for a local group. (She was also married at Summit Avenue!) As a new stay at home mom, I was very scared of being alone, especially with winter nearing, so I really tried to book up my days, no matter how exhausted I was. I had always been busy with a full-time job since I was 18, and I found myself really looking forward to our monthly meetings. As much as my family and friends helped when I became a new mom there is a different kind of comfort in meeting other new moms going through the exact same thing at the same time, and feeling accomplished/proud of yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone to go to a meeting. The act of getting the 3 of us ready and on time to get to MOPS, dropping them off at MOPS KIDS, and then actually having an adult conversation always makes me feel accomplished, which in turn has made my transition into this mom-of-2-kids thing easier. I never missed a meeting and am looking forward to being more involved this season!


Danielle St. Amand Butler 


Hello! I'm Danielle the hospitality leader. I have been a member of Summit Avenue MOPS for 3 years now. I have a feisty, spirited 2-year-old named Penny, a sweet 5 year old named Oakley, and another coming mid-January. Oakley has many medical complications and concerns stemming from having Spina Bifida, which has made me a committed stay at home mom as taking care of his medical adventures and needs is my prime concern. As a family, we're always packing our weekends with daily road trips, local hot spots, and friends and family. We're local to the PNW, Port Angeles/Sequim area and if you ever want to discover new places feel free to ask! Looking forward to starting a new year with you all!


Andrea Zabel 


Hello! I'm Andrea your other Hospitality Coordinator and I am really looking forward to serving on the Steering Team this year! I'm a mom, of 2 littles and a big old man-child. I love to cook, knit and entertain (which is why I have been lucky enough to snag this position!!). I also love to travel, but don't get to do it very often. I was truly blessed last year when I made so many wonderful friendships within this amazing group of women, and I look forward to helping others form their own steadfast friends as well.


Celina Cypher


Hello, I'm Celina Cypher I've been married to my husband Tom for almost 9 years. We have 2 beautiful girls Cora (2) and Charlotte (1).  The Navy moved us here from a small town in South Dakota and we've made this our forever home. I'm one of the lucky ones to be able to stay home with my girls and I also watch a friend’s boy twice a week. I enjoy pretty much anything outside and being crafty. I'm happy to be a part of the MOPS Steering team as it has really grown my relationships with fellow moms. My favorite thing about MOPS are the friends my kids and I have met. 

Lead Discussion Group Leader

Jamie Warack


Hi! I have three kids, Sofie (5), Gabe (3), and Charley (1). I grew up in Redmond, Washington, but my family has been in Bremerton for 17 years. I was an aviator in the Navy for almost 9 years. I met my husband, Nick, when we were both stationed in Hawaii, and Sofie was born there. I am a stay-at-home mom now and enjoy family time and nap time! MOPS has become such an important part of my life and I am excited for a great year!

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