"Give What You can, Take What You Need"

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KNLP Locations: 

403 S. Summit Ave, Bremerton (Summit Avenue Presbyterian Church)

612 8th Street, Bremerton

11th & Olympic Ave, Bremerton

3060 NE McWilliams Road, Bremertn (Kariotis Community)

1290 NW Steele Creek Drive, Bremerton (Steele Creek Community)

Celtic Loop, Silverdale

701 NW Tracy Ave, Bremerton (Tracyton Baot Launch)

15th & Lincoln Ave, Bremerton (Olympic college)

1299 Grow Ave, Bainbridge Island (William Renton Masonic Lodge)

Contact KNLP: 

Darla & John Bradish Co-Founders, Kitsap Neighborhood Little Pantries (360) 471-8596 KNLP2017@gmail.com


Kitsap Neighborhood Little Pantry

 Neighborhood Little Pantries are hosted and stocked by the Community.No questions asked, just free food for those in need.

Donations are always welcome. Donate directly to the pantry or bring in your donations to the church office, Mon -Thurs 9am -2pm.

What can I donate?

Any nonperishable food items, including but not limited to:

· Canned vegetables/fruit, soups, chilis, stews.

· Canned tuna, SPAM, chicken.

· Pastas, boxes pasta meals, macaroni & cheese, ramen noodles.

· Cereal bars, granola bars, protein bars, fruit snacks.

· Personal care items, toilet paper, paper towels, dish/hand soap.

· Pet food.

All donations MUST be:

· Commercially packaged. (Nothing home baked, home canned, or home vacuumed packed.)

· Nonperishable. (Not needing any refrigeration.)

· In sealed original containers. (Nothing open, torn, or repackaged. Cans can not be dented, rusted, spoiled.)