Why Mission? 

Because God is on a mission. A mission to fill the world with the presence and peace of Jesus Christ. We are committed to join in that mission with the Holy Spirit. 

Serving an outdoor meal to the homeless and hungry of Kitsap County

Serving an outdoor meal to the homeless and hungry of Kitsap County

Local Mission Partners 

Kitsap Community Resources - Every fall Summit partners with KCR to adopt families with children in need of Christmas gifts, and more. The campaign typically begins in early October and gifts are distributed in mid-December.  Please call 360-377-0053 for more information on how you can help. 

Kitsap Rescue Mission - The first Sunday of each month we serve a meal to the homeless in the parking lot of the old Lowe's (the southeast corner of Riddell and Wheaton Way). Training is provided through Kitsap Rescue Mission at 5 pm the first Friday of each month at the HUB on Wheaton Way (across from Walmart). For more info on KRM, click here

Benedict House - We serve meals at Benedict house every year for the first two weeks of September. Benedict House provides transitional housing, meals, and job training for homeless and drug addicted men. Churches around Kitsap County take turns providing meals throughout the year. Benedict House is a mission of Catholic Community Services

The Coffee Oasis - We support the mission and ministry of The Coffee Oasis to at risk teens through fundraising, volunteering and prayer. We also like to eat there and buy their locally roasted coffee! For more on The Coffee Oasis, click here


Global Partners

United Missions of the Presbyterian Church USA - Summit supports our denomination's many missions through four special offerings throughout the calendar year. 

Go! On the Mission - GO is an organization committed to helping end extreme poverty in a sustainable way through child sponsorship and micro enterprise development. Living out Jesus’ mission to Help Heal the World, GO On the Mission was started in January of 2010. The main goal was to send dedicated Christians to the far corners of the world to eliminate the 5 big problems underdeveloped countries face, Illiteracy, hunger, homelessness, polluted water, and lack of sanitation. For more information on GO, click here.

Wheelchairs for Nigeria - Nigeria has more polio than anywhere in the world. Tens of thousands of children and adults spend their lives crawling on the ground. This is by far the largest wheelchair ministry in all of Nigeria, a country that is half the population of the U.S. For more information on Wheelchairs for Nigeria, click here. 

Master's Hands Ministries - Master's Hands Ministries is an evangelical Christian, non-profit, 501-c-3 organization founded to care for Christville Christian School and Christville Christian Church located in impoverished Fon Frede, Haiti. They are currently providing education, medical care, and clean water for the people in Christville, Fon Frede, and the surrounding areas. For more information on Master's Hands Ministries, click here. 

Individual Missionaries - We support global missionaries who minister in Muslim countries, although we are not permitted to publicize their locations or names.