Why groups? Groups are at the core of what we believe it means to follow Christ. Jesus gathered a group of 12 friends to spend time together, study, pray and serve. And the world was turned upside down! When we gather together in groups with Christ as the center, we experience life change that inspires us to serve God more faithfully.

Find a Group

We have groups of all kinds meeting in homes and at the church (and even at the bowling alley!). Some groups run for just one season, others go all year. Sign ups for groups happen each season, generally in September, January, April, and June. Select a group that fits your schedule, or pick a topic that interests you. If there is a group you would like to see happen, let us know!

FALL 2019 Groups Guide

Click here to register for a Group

You can also sign up for a group on of the following ways:

1. fill out a blue card during worship,

2. call the church office by phone or email,

3. contact the group leader yourself 

New way to sign up!  Through your REALM account, you can find a group and contact the leader. 

New to Summit? Our New Beginnings class is a four week group offered in every Fall and Spring (October & March). It's a great step toward connecting at Summit and finding your place on the mission! Call or email the office and let us know!