Sunday Mornings for Kids! 

10:30 am       Kids worship in the sanctuary with their families. 

10:45 (ish)     Time for Young Disciples - all kids invited upstairs for Sunday School.

Communion Sundays (1st Sunday of each month) Kids stay in worship for the whole service. Nursery care is provided for Birth-Kindergarten.

Communion Sundays are the first Sunday of each month. While we provide nursery care on these first Sundays for those who wish to use it, we want every child who is able, along with their Sunday School leaders, to participate in Communion with the whole church family. School-age children stay in the sanctuary for the Lord's Supper. We respect parents’/grandparents’ decision on whether their children are to receive the sacrament.

--SAPC Kids/Youth SafeConduct Policies--

Summit Kids

Children at Summit Avenue Presbyterian Church are very much a part of our worshiping community. We see our whole morning’s worship time as opportunity for showing God our praise and commitment. And we strive to worship together as much as possible in a manner that engages every generation; yet we recognize that children may grow restless and easily distracted.

Childcare Ministries - We have quality, caring childcare in our nursery for infants and toddlers. You are welcome to bring your young child to the nursery for all or just a portion of the service. We also provide age-appropriate activities and bible study lessons for youth up to 5th grade.

Summer Vacation Bible School - Each year we host VBS Kids Camp when local schools are out. See our VBS page for more info on this year's theme, dates, and registration details. 

summer vbs kids camp program 

Every summer Summit puts on a free, week long VBS Kids Camp Program that is open to children ages 5 through 6th grade. 

One mom's response:

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for what you did for us. I was raised in a Christian household but have grown "lazy" per say. I realized my children couldn't make an informed decision about what to believe if I didn't expose them to something. This year was a great experience at your VBS. So many things went right for us. My  son and daughter both had an amazing time and looked forward to it every day.  The CD has been absolutely AMAZING! That is the first time I have ever seen something like it. The kids were pumped up and energized after VBS every day and we continued listening to the CD throughout the week. We continue to listen to it now. They know the words and motions. Even the 3 year old I watch knows the words to some of the songs. This has excited me and my kids and set us on a path to knowing God more and realizing Him more in our daily lives. 

Thank you to you and to all the volunteers who made a very positive impact on my family. Many blessings to you all. I hope you will be able to share this with the others involved and let them know that they have touched at least one family with all the hard work they put in.

check out our  Facebook page  for more VBS pix

check out our Facebook page for more VBS pix